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Breaded Abalone Delight

  • One, Shelled Abalone (Any size or weight)
  • Vegetable or Corn Oil
  • From any Major Grocery Store: Progresso Brand Parmesan flavored Breads Crumbs
  • One Egg (Egg Beaters good too.)
  • 1/2 Cup of Milk (Nonfat, Low fat...)
  • Optional: Artichoke, Lemon and White Wine
Abalone Prep:

With the Abalone as a whole, slice 1/4" thin cutlets steaks. (cut the Ab steak pieces top to bottom along the width of the AB. The pieces should be ~1/4" thick, ~1 1/2" wide and ~3,4, or 5" long.) This should yield a plate full. Tenderize each cutlet under fresh water.

Ingredients Prep:

Take the Egg and the 1/2 cup of Milk and mix together in a medium sized bowl. Blend with a fork/whip until consistently mixed. Take the bread crumbs and sprinkle a little pile on any plate. Shake the plate until the crumbs lay flat around the plate.

Next, take the oil and pour some into a medium size frying pan, about 1/2 inches worth. (Oil 1/2" thick in the pan - Start to medium heat.

Final Prep and Cooking: Organize the Cutlets, Egg mixture, and crumbs in an assembly line fashion. Take one cutlet at a time and submerge it in the egg mixture completely, take it out and let the excess mixture drip off. Then lay the cutlet flat on each side one the Bread Crumbs, coating both sides of the cutlet entirely. (This process goes fast.) Place all the breaded cutlets on another plate as you go.

After you're all done, the oil should be ready. Using a pair of cooking tongs, place the prepared cutlets in the oil to start frying them. The oil should be medium to high heat, not smoking hot. Do 2 or 3 cutlets at a time. Cook only 15 to 20 seconds on each side to prevent the Abalone from getting too tough. (This frying process fast too.)

Serve to your family and friends immediately, they will Love you.

This recipe comes from the Kitchen of Me. Phil Duarte and my best friend Micheal (the Frogman) Hurtado.

Additional Cooking Tips

As you fry the pieces and remove them from the oil, place the cooked pieces on top of paper towels on a plate. Then when you are done frying, pat off the excess oil from the Ab pieces with the paper towel.(remove all that excess oil.) Do not use Olive Oil, because it has a distinctive of a taste which will take away from the taste of the Ab. Unless you are a Olive Oil Lover (get it?) The optional Lemon above is to squeeze and sprinkle on the Ab. (Good Stuff!)

The bread crumbs I use in this recipe is what I've found to be the best, but of course any bread crumbs will do. But some time gotta try the ones I recommended. Towards the last few cutlets that you cook, beware of the crumbs that have fallen off into the oil. They will start to turn black and get onto the new pieces that you are cooking. To avoid this, use a spatula and push the burnt crumbs of to the side of the pan. And last: A good salad, your favorite white wine (Zinfandel for me), and fresh steamed Artichokes go great with Breaded Abalone. Of course, prepare the salad and Artichokes in time for the finished Abalone. Have a great and easy Ab feast.

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